Friday, September 2

What's In My Bag?

I decided to do a video! I figured it'd be fun, and it was pretty fun - except that you'll have to plug in your earphones to actually hear me because I was mostly whispering talking really softly so that my landlady won't think I've gone crazy talking to myself.

Hahaha, enjoy!

P/s: I didn't realise I was speaking with an accent until the playback. Guess that's just me trying to impress.

Friday, August 19


I've been absent for a long while now.. Life has been full of ups and downs, chaos and moments of clarity.

For the most of it, now I am back on track (I hope), and am writing this on Notepad (which I will later just Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V into Blogger) because I am not connected to the Internet at home. This has been a running issue with wifi at home but I've managed somehow. At least it's preventing me from watching an episode of Kim Woo Bin / Shin Joon Young being an absolute idiot and wanting to shake some sense into him - definitely, he has better options than to break a girls heart that way.


I am too full to go and shower, too full to do my #22dayspushupchallenge, so I am just gonna sit here and stare at my screen and just type what comes to mind.

I've been incredibly hungry at hourly intervals lately. Like, seriously hungry. And it's not that I've not been eating well - I eat well. But I just keep getting hungry. Yesterday I had dinner at 7pm and by the time I got home, around 10pm, I was crazy hungry and all because I conveniently have Snickers bars leftover from my 7-11 haul from Samui back in May, I ended eating a whole bar before I crashed out.

But the silver lining is, I don't seem to be putting on any more weight than normal. Metabolism in high gear? I sure hope so!

I went for a Groupon facial on my off day and the beautician said if I made it to the Olympics, I'd be on the "Who is that pretty girl?" list that people will talk about. So flattered. I'd take compliments like a lady when I am given some.

OH YAY! Dropbox is synced which means I am connected now! I'm gonna try to stream an episode of drama now while my dinner digests and then I'll do my 22 push ups and shower and study my Korean.


P/s: Well, he also told us to do our homework.

Gah dang it, connection is so weak. I'm back here again.

Now I'm thinking if I should make myself a cup of coffee and just let that help my food digest. Maybe I should. But coffee was gonna be for after shower so that I can concentrate and get some revision done!

Monday, July 4

What I Love

I am most stressed, not when it comes to work.

I love laundry days.

My poop has been really stinky since I moved here. LOL. So much so that I everytime after I finish my business in the toilet at home, I hope no one walks past the door. And to the extent where I try to do my business outside of home. So yesterday, I bought air-freshener from NTUC.

I love doing groceries too.

I had to buy banana for my landlady yesterday and I couldn't find them. Haha, goes to show how you really wouldn't bother about things that don't interest / bother you.

I also bought a pair of orange minion bedroom slippers on discount from Watsons. But they're so squeaky with their rubber soles.

I'm hoping to pop by JB to visit the Dad over the one day Raya break. But I can be such a lazy ass sometimes.

The longer I am here, the more I realise how much I love being on my own. Just doing my own thing. By my own independent self.

BSF starts again tonight, after a month long break. Here's to hoping I stay awake and remain attentive, which was always a very hard thing to do.

Bread kaya cheese bread kaya cheese bread. That's lunch. And coffee.

I'm never gonna lose weight. I just keep telling myself, you've burn so much by walking, you can eat that icecream. You've climb 3 flights of stairs, you can have that bubble tea.

Doesn't help that I'm becoming more careless with my spending either.

Here's a beautiful picture of what took place over the recent weekend. I suppose, I guess I do like my job. Please go like SingaporeSailing's facebook page and see more photos there.

See you soon!

Monday, June 27

Still Kicking


I know. It's been a long while.

I'm 28 now. That's new.

I lost my water bottle on Saturday, so I went and bought a new one last night and I've been drinking water like I'm a thirsty hippo. Maybe I should lose my water bottle every 2 - 3 days.

I've been busy lately. But the good kinda busy. I can't explain it, but I've been well.

I hope all of you are well too! x

Monday, May 30

Spread Your Wings And Fly

Fly - Jessica

And this too.

You can fly!

P/s: I suppose I am on a Kpop frenzy.

Good Luck

Good Luck - AOA

This tune is catchy as it gets and it keeps repeating in my head. Maybe what I need is some luck right about now that's why..

Just got back from a week of sailing with Team Ulumulu in Koh Samui and we had a bit of drama with a broken boom after Day 1 of racing, but we recovered from that and continued racing on Day 3. Go here for updates.

My favorite photo of the entire week!

Wednesday, May 4

It's Been A Month

Since I last posted. An it'll be a month to my birthday in June! :)

What is the beauty in claiming to be busy? People like to say, "I'm super busy", "I am very busy because I've got so much to do", "I am so busy I don't have enough time"..


Hm. Don't get me wrong. I love giving people the illusion that I am busy too - because maybe for me busy equates to being important. But on hindsight, doesn't being busy just imply that you have lousy time management? And that you have your priorities set a little bit differently from everyone else?


Let's see what else has changed or at least is worth a mention. I started Korean classes - typing Korean on my keyboard is impossible though.  I had scabies (again!) - but I've recovered from it already. I got myself a new laptop which is paid for by the company - huzzah! My acne has taken a step for the worse - 真的没得靠脸吃饭了。Seoul & Jeju trip is in 2 months, exciting!

#throwback to Shinjuku Gyoen, Tokyo, Japan. 
Was clearing my Dropbox for space.

My leave for Samui end of May is approved, and so, I shall concede that that's the best birthday gift I can ask for since I've been really looking forward to go sailing competitively again.

I don't prefer the aunty at the zhap fan stall to the uncle. She gives me less lauk! Hahaha..

Okay, I better go back to work since this was meant to be a short breather.

My motto as of late has been, if you're going to have to do, delaying it a day or two will not make a difference. So, using Nike's tag - Just do it.

Just do it.

Monday, April 4

Talk Love

Talk Love - K.will

Yes, I am crazy about the show. I am. I am not too sure what I'll do when it ends. :/ But no one better be dying Show, or you'll have a very very angry fan.

That aside. It's already April peeps!